Dr Ian Beeton MD MRCP Consultant Cardiologist
Dr Ian Beeton MD MRCPConsultant Cardiologist 

Fee schedule (current as from 1 November 2023)


Initial outpatient consultation with Dr Beeton            £195.00 

(For self pay patients                                                £195.00)


Follow-up consultation (within 2 years)                     £132.00           

(For self pay patients                                                £150.00)


Medical report                                                            £ 95.00

Prescription charge                                                    £ 15.00

Non-attendance fee                                                   £ 25.00


Payment terms are strictly 14 days, to avoid a late payment fee of £40 and further action under The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.


If you are not able to attend your appointment, please remember to cancel, giving at least 24 hours notice. We may be able to offer the appointment time to another patient. Failure to inform us may result in a £25.00 charge to you, to cover the cost of the consulting room at the hospital.


We strongly recommend that you check your policy for any excess to pay and/or exclusions. Invoices declined by insurers remain the patient's liability.


Complex Echocardiography


Dr Beeton has introduced a complex echocardiogram clinic in 2023.

This is a self pay clinic, mainly for patients needing stress echocardiogram, as required by Woking taxi licensing, Transport for London, and the DVLA. 

Clinics are held on a Tuesday at 5pm.


Complex echocardiogram fee (self pay only)              £500.00


Due to restrictions on fees and non-payment by private medical insurers we regret that bubble echo, stress echo and trans-oesophageal echo are all self pay procedures only. We will not invoice insurers under any circumstances.


Please see Dr Beeton's blog for complex echocardiography fee information and patient information.




Dr Ian Beeton MD MRCP


Consultant Cardiologist

Woking, Surrey


Private patient appointments



07734 361756





For cardiac MRI referrals

please email cmr.heartdoc@btinternet.com






Dr Beeton's private practice does not provide an emergency service.


If you have a medical emergency,

please dial 999.

If you need medical assistance,

please call 111.









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